Evangelists of Unbelief

Rice Broocks

Richard Dawkins

I’ve been deeply challenged by the tireless efforts of the men and women that advance the cause of the “new atheism” into the empty hearts of postmodern westerners.

Nature abhors a vacuum so in the absence of faith, unbelief or atheism becomes the anti-cause. The mission of these atheist crusaders is to rid the world (especially the young) of religious faith and “superstition.” They carry their message with zeal and with the confrontational style that rivals any fundamentalist preacher. In short, they seek converts – people who will “repent” of religion and follow the secular path to freedom.

Caricatures of the worst aspects of religion make it easy to gain people’s attention. Lumping all religions together, it becomes one monstrous “straw man” that can easily scare the average listener more than hell itself. Tragically, they are gaining momentum, especially in the arena of the university campus and the media.

If this were a boxing match, the Church would be sitting on a stool in the corner of the ring, dazed and confused and doubting whether we were really “called” to this fight. What can we learn from their efforts?

Talking to Ourselves

First and foremost: We must start engaging our culture with the Gospel beyond the church walls and stop just talking to ourselves. The majority of the effort we exert as Believers is talking to fellow Christians about being better Christians.

“Missional Church” is a term we debate vs a real mission we do. We have deceived ourselves by not obeying the Word ( James1:22).

Most of the people in our churches have heard enough to be teachers themselves, but are defenseless against the basic arguments and accusations of the opposition.

The Gospel is the answer to the cries of the human heart, but the lack of zeal to proclaim it demonstrates our lack of faith in its power.

We can also see that if we don’t step up and speak a clear message, the enemies of the Gospel will gladly take our place.

History has shown that God will allow a Goliath to taunt His people, knowing that someone like David will be provoked into action.

May we be shaken out of our stupor, get off the stool and get back into the fight for this generation.


  • I am sadly loosing my 2 sons to the “science” of human existence rather than the Christian faith and schooling they have been raised in. They claim the internet is providing more information to counter the existence of God. The 6,000 year old earth as defined in Genesis genealogy is often an argument. I pray it is a phase and their faith is only being tested. They frequently refer to the inconsistency in the bible. Topics of slavery, how could God allow the starving children…..I need patience and a good source to counter them.


  • Hi, appreciate your kind words on the death of a hero of mine, Christopher Hitchens. So I had a look at your site as a mark of respect, and to see what a Christian “thinker” might also say. I find on it a bit of a call to arms, but absolutely no arguments why anyone should accept theism given the lack of evidence for and abundance of evidence against, but fair enough, there isn’t any such evidence, so I just wanted to say that I do appreciate your noting the passing of Christopher – a true evangelist for the credo that we must, as human beings, take responsibility for sorting out the problems that face us on this planet, and not resort to all that Godand rival religion nonsense.


  • Thank you Dr Rice for this article.

    It’s short, but weighted, punchy and…uncomfortably true.

    Yes, let faith arise, and yes, may we by shaken out of our stupor, off the stool, and back into the ring!

    Richest Blessings,

    Morgan Davies (Every Nation, London).

    Morgan Davies

  • That’s sensational Rice.
    Is the God Test book available in Melbourne Australia?

    Home to one of the greatest campus revivals in 1982 (Melbourne Uni),led by Evangelist Rice Brooks (age 26)

    Dan Flynn

  • This is so needed. Stay after this. We need it.

    Chuck Warnock

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