What is the G.O.S.P.E.L.?

Rice Broocks


The Gospel. It's the message we hold out boldly for the world to see. But do we know what it is? Furthermore, do we explain it clearly so that those we share it with can comprehends its validity?


  • Amazing!!! This is a hundred sermons. A thousand conversations. A billion books on God. And the message simply stated… God loves…us!!!


  • Excellent! Thank you! It is always energizing and praise-producing to hear the Gospel re-iterated! What glorious simple amazing truth. He did it all, and I cheered again, as you mentioned the “check clearing.” This is the GOOD news, for sure. Thank you Jesus!

    Marie Belpre

  • This is a great Gospel presentation!
    I like it.

    its my goal to equip and empower people to present the Gospel clearly to those that don’t know.


    jarrett suniula

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